Other Motorsport Events 

In addition to the Hills Ford 3 Shires Stages Rally, Cheltenham Motor Club are proud to run a number of other motorsport events throughout the year 

Cheltenham Motor Club Presents The Dave Cooper Winter 12-Car Navigational Series   Entries will be available at the Club House  

Round 1 - 21st October 
October’s 12 Car Results - Many thanks to the marshals, Martin Ford Ruth and Jon Smith on helping out on one of the wettest event we have had for many years. 
Congratulations to all the crews for surviving the terrible weather conditions. 
1st overall Phil Easton and Nicholas Cutts 73 time penalties 
2nd position Crag Owen and Ari Owen – 3 code boards 45 + 49 time penalties = 94 
3rd position Derik Love and Richard Wintors, - 3 code board 45 + 79 time penalties =124 
4th position using marked map Kamila Zielinska and Chris Newton, 25 time penalties 
Round 2 - 18th November 
November’s 12 Car Results - Many thanks to the marshals, Martin Ford and newcomer Steve Davis. 
1st overall Phil Easton and Nicholas Cutts – 1 code board 15 + 21 time penalties = 36 
2nd position Crag Owen and Ari Owen – 1 code board 15 + 27 time penalties = 42 
3rd position using marked map Rich Knott and Fred Adams 
Congratulations to new team Rich Knott and Fred Adams on marked map, got all the code boards and finished on time 
Brilliant effort by Derek Love who competed on his own and got all the code bords but was OTL at the finnish. 
Round 3 - 20th January 2023 - Cancelled 
To enter the 12 Car on Friday January 20th - Cancelled due to lack of entries 
Round 4 - 17th February 2023 
To enter the 12 Car on Friday February 17th  
Map refence 163 c 3 and covers approximately 48 miles 
Meet at 19:15 pm at the Club house Upper Park Street, Cheltenham GL52 6SA 
Start time 20:00pm 
12 Car Registration and Regulations at the club house. 
Ease navigation, training session for novice and beginners can be arranged 
Round 5 - 17th March 2023 
March's 12 Car event will be 50 miles of regularity - timed on sight at most controls.- Cancelled due to lack of entries 


We aim to run one event each month throughout the year, normally on the third Friday*.  
Being a much lower budget event than our Stage rallies, with mostly free entry and using standard/unmodified cars, these events are ideal for beginners in the sport. 
All of our events are run under the regulations of the UK governing body Motorsport UK. For the vast majority of the events, competitors and their passengers are required to: 
a: be a member of the event organising Club (in this case Cheltenham Motor Club) or be a member of an invited Club, although this can vary from event to event. In the main we normally invite a number of local clubs which are Member Clubs of the Cotswold Motorsport Group (CMSG) 
b: competitors also require a Clubman RS licence, which is available free of charge by making an online application to Motorsport UK (click the MORE INFO button below for details and to apply). 
Details of each event (whether it be Summer or Winter Series) will be shown on this website, to include Regulations & Entry form, latest results and current series standings, so watch this space! 
*Both Summer and Winter 12-Car event dates are subject to change due to a number of reasons, such as event clashes, venue availability or bad weather making the venue unusable. 
If you would like to find out more about membership of the Cheltenham Motor Club or any of our events, please complete the enquiry form below, and one of our friendly team will contact you. 
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