Cheltenham Motor Club Reluctantly Cancels the Hills Ford 3 Shires Stages Rally 2022 - see press release  The Club wishes to thank everyone for the positive messages it has recieved in a difficult time 

Bromesberrow Stage Feedback from hand delivering statement 
- Total shame - Fully understand.. Well done to the team 
- When will it happen, Can't wait 
- Good News 
- why not ??? Eastnor castle had fireworks on the sat night, shame", its one day a year 
- shame, let us know we love it 
- cant wait, let me knw ASAP, new dates , parking same as last year up in field 
- shame, we love it 'let us know the news asap 
- Wow - i work on the estate its still open on the sunday, why?? let me know cant wait 
Competitor - Gutted to not be able to tackle the lanes in Ledbury and what for me feels like a "home from home" event. But the right decision in this period of national mourning. 
Thoughts with all at Cheltenham Motor Club, Hills Ford and the 3 Shires Stages Closed Road Rally 2022 team on this tough call, after a year of hard work. 
Petty France Resident Stage Feedback from hand delivering statement - While understandable, she was extremely disappointed at the postponement of the rally and insisted that we did all that we could to get a new date. She said she and husband had invited people to stay for the weekend specifically to watch the rally as they all had such a great time last year. They were planning to do the same again with a BBQ / garden party and a lot of Rose wine. She said that while she liked the fast cars it was often more entertaining watching the antics of the older ones. She finished by saying "tell the organisers that if it does not get rescheduled then she will personally pay them a visit and not leave until it does" 
Resident Petty France - Must have been a difficult decision to postpone - but I’m sure it is the right one, despite the workload that this will generate 
Resident Wellington Heath - Thanks for the information, much appreciated by all concerned and for showing respect to the Royal family. 
Resident Bromesberrow - Thanks very much for letting me know. Good luck with the re planning. A lot of work for the team no doubt but hopefully it leads to an even more successful event in the long run. 
Okle Green Feedback from hand delivering statement 
• They we really looking forward to the event, they had invited friends and planned a BBQ. 
• Very positive feedback, they were very disappointed the event had been postponed. Her grandson and friends were very much looking forward to the day. She said her grandson’s friend took part in the rally last year and spent most of one stage with half a tree on his bonnet. 
• The guy we spoke to was very disappointed, he said ‘not much ever happens around here, we were all looking forward to it’ 
• It’s a shame it had to be postponed, we were really looking forward to the event. Hoping it is going to be rescheduled soon. 
Email - Sorry to read that the Three Shires has been postponed. No doubt incredibly disappointing with all the hard work put into it, but very much an understandable decision at this time. 
Hope you manage to get a revised date before the year is out. 
All the best and see you at a rally soon. 
Oxenhall Lane Resident - The communications this time have been excellent 
Shaw Common Stage Feedback from hand delivering statement 
- stage start - very supportive & happy to help with anything. 
- providing hay bales & incredibly supportive. 
- love it, shame it has to be postponed as they had guest staying for it, happy to provide parking. 
- very supportive, happy to help out. 
- now the issue of protecting her property is resolved she is happy, lovely lady. 
- loves it, disappointed it has been deferred but understands - had already cut his hedges to give a good view! 
- very pro, had bookings for people to see the rally but understand the postponement. 
- had already cut his hedges & was clearing a paddock so that marshals could park in it. Very pro & understood the delay. 
Residents mailing list - Right decision under the circumstances. 
Thanks for all your hard work & look forward to it whenever you get a date 
Email - Thanks for clarification. I figured that would be the case anyway. Good luck with rearranging for a new date, fingers crossed this year still. 🤞 
Facebook comments 
• Good to know residents are being kept informed, 
• This is of course a respectful decision, the passing of HM Queen Elizabeth II is a very significant moment in our history. As we know, she was a mechanic during the war and enjoyed her cars and driving. 
It is also a practical and considerate decision. Closed road events rely on the co-operation of many people and organisations involved. Some of these organisations will be focused on other matters and many would not appreciate the event going ahead. So the best decision is to postpone which of course is a disappointment and will cause costs to many that are not recoverable. But is also for the good if the sport. 
• Nice mark of respect for your decision. And respect to all for decided to do this. 
• That’s a shame but understandable , any small idea if it will run this year at all? 
• I think this is a sensible decision. It’s the goodwill of the residents we need. It doesn’t matter what we feel. It could have been regarded as insensitive and jeopardise any future running. A brave decision by the organisers, we should respect. 
• Well done Cheltenham Motor Club, the proper thing to do. 
• Very respectful thing to do. 
Resident - Thank you 
Competitor mailing list - Will it be run in the near future please. Thanks. 
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