Residents Information 

Resident Liaison Teams will be communicating with residents throughout 2024 and on request, please email us 
Contact Details for Residents 
Please report any issues as soon as possible via 
One of the organisation team will get back to you ASAP 

Residents Update  The rally organisation team will be hand delivering newsletter to all residents living on stages in the months leading up to the rally.   If you do not recieve a newsletter please email  


 Charity requests for 2024 are now open via Charity Requests Page  

  "Meet Us" Sessions for 2024  New “Meet Us” sessions are being arranged over then next few months.   Please come along discuss the rally routes, resident access times and any other aspect of the rally you wish to raise, as we would like to meet you all.   If queries cannot be answered on the day, it will be passed to the Senior Officials to personally respond.  If you would like to arrange a "Meet Us" event then please contact the rally at    


Frequently Asked Questions  

This is the section of road that is closed to the public for the competitors to compete on. At the start of the stage competitors are given their “start time” at the end of the stage they are given their “stage finish” time. At the end of the competition the time are added up and the ones with quickest time are the winners. 
The event will be run by experienced and licenced motorsport organisers under the rules and regulations of the sport’s governing body Motorsport UK. 
The road will be closed between 6 am and 8 pm but the rally will facilitate access at times during the day. If the stages can be cleared down and road is safe to return to public, it may be open earlier, then 8 pm time. Always check with the resident liaison officer before travelling on the road. 
Prior to the rally all the stages are risk assessed for safety by experienced rally organisers and the appropriate protection is built into the safety plan. If you have any specific concerns you would like to discuss, please contact us on and one of the clerks of the course will contact you. 
During the rally, the first point of call for all residents is the stage resident liaison officer whose details will be available in the resident’s handbook prior to the event. 
During road closure the rally will schedule times during the day when residents can access their properties. 
The rally has a dedicated safety network in place which will consist of a marshal near to residents’ properties, a radio car and a direct contact phone number to the stage resident Liaison officer to request access. Residents will be asked to travel in the direction of the rally stage during the day to ensure their safety. 
The rally will engage its own emergency and medical crews (doctors, medics, paramedics etc) behind all incidents whether this is rally or resident related incident. In 2021 a resident was taken seriously ill during the rally and the rally medical team took the decision to transport the patient to hospital to limit the delay for treatment. 
The rally sees local residents as the main safety concern 
If you would like to find out more about the Hills Ford Stages Rally, membership of the Cheltenham Motor Club or any of our events, please complete the enquiry form below, and one of our friendly team will contact you. 
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