The 2024 Hills Ford Stages Rally Welcomes Spectators Details will be available closer to the 2024 date  

Safety Message - Please take care when watching rally live stages 
Spectators should be aware that all Motorsport can be dangerous and despite the organisers taking reasonable precautions unavoidable accidents can happen. Therefore you attend the event at your own risk. 
We ask that you obey all the instructions of safety marshals, spectator marshals and police officers. These instructions will be given to you for YOUR safety. If you do not follow these, organisers reserve the right to delay or cancel a stage
If you do decide to leave the stage before the last competitor, please walk on the designated pathways. Some crossing points may not be open until the last safety car has passed the point, due to competitors passing at a high speed and at regular intervals. NEVER WALK ON THE STAGE. 
The organisers have made suitable arrangements for safe access to all spectator areas without the need to walk down the stage. 
Roads leading to and surrounding the spectator areas will be clear ways and tow trucks will be operating throughout the day. 
Rally cars can do the unexpected so, for your own safety and that of others, please
Respect the marshals and follow their instructions 
Observe the colour coded tape and all signage 
Red and White means PROHIBITED AREA, so a no-go location for everyone. 
Black and Yellow are the designated spectator areas – please stay within these areas. 
Use the natural environment to protect yourself 
Don’t walk on the rally stage – Once the road is closed it is an offence to walk on the closed road, including verges. 
Stay standing and remain alert 
Remember that alcohol and drugs can impair your responses and threaten your safety 
Always keep your own safety in mind 
Follow marshals’ instructions 
Observe and obey all event signs 
Stay within the official spectator areas 
Do not enter any prohibited areas 
Expect the unexpected 
Cars may throw up stones or objects 
Cars may overshoot junctions 
Cars may leave the road 
Cars may run wide 
Cars may cut corners 
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